Perantzada hotel room

Hotel & Facilities

In the beginning there was a 19th century neoclassical mansion that even the eye of the most common observer could transform to a unique architectural masterpiece. This mansion has now become the PERANTZADA HOTEL. Our decorators have revived it into a great small boutique hotel.

Hotel & Facilities

Rooms & Facilities

Except for this neoclassical mansion, 7 rooms have been added to the PERANTZADA HOTEL since 2007; one in the neoclassical mansion and 6 in the new mansion, making them in total 17 individually decorated rooms.

Rooms & Facilities
A living room from Perantzada hotel

Award & Press

“Most attentive sevice with stunnning view of Ithaka harbour”
We enjoyed a most relaxing stay with stunning views of Ithaka harbour at this cute art hotel.
The service from all staff was very attentive.The design and transformation of this mansion into this boutique hotel gives a quite refreshing atmosphere.

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